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Couples Therapy

  • My standard session is 50 minutes at a rate of $150.

  • Couples therapy is most effective when done on a weekly basis.​ Since the work consists of changing relationship dynamics, it is important to prioritize at least an hour a week for a therapy session to forge new interactional patterns.​

    • Therapy also entails the work you put into your relationship between sessions. It is expected that you will practice applying new ways of interacting when you are outside of session. You can get greater benefits and accelerate your growth with the more effort you invest. 

    • ​In some cases, or at a certain point in treatment, sessions at a frequency of every other week can be discussed.

Couples Intensive
  • Whether you are coming in with your romantic partner, a family member, your roommate, or a friend, an intensive session allows extra time to get deeper into your issues. 50 minutes flies by and is often not enough time to get comfortable and engage at a level that allows for enough exploration as well as time for in-session interventions. With more than one person in the room, it is important for me as the therapist to see your dynamic, as well as to help you establish new interactional patterns.

    • I encourage you to book a 100-minute session to allow more time to delve deeper. A 100-minute session is billed at a rate of $300.

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