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Family Therapy

  • My standard session is 50 minutes at a rate of $150.

  • I encourage families, especially if you have more than 2 members in attendance, to schedule a longer session. This allows more time to unpack the current dynamic and try new ways of interacting.

    • A 75-minute session is $225.​

    • A 100-minute session is $300​.

  • Family therapy is most effective when done on a weekly basis.​ Since the work consists of changing relationship dynamics, it is important to prioritize at least an hour a week for a therapy session to forge new interactional patterns.​

    • Therapy also entails the work you put into your relationships between sessions. It is expected that you will practice applying new ways of interacting when you are outside of session. You can get greater benefits and accelerate your growth with the more effort you invest. 

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